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Artist’s Statement
My artwork is about process that fills our daily lives. I came to this perspective during an artist’s residency in 2002 that explored the “Crisis of Humanism in Technology.” I realized that if such a crisis exists it is because the crisis is within. For me the answer lies in the trivial, banal, and the mundane. Our challenge is to see our everyday experience in a renewed fashion, to question our assumptions and allow ourselves to discover happiness by redeveloping our awareness of all we take for granted. This revisitation of process is the joy of living.

My new paintings are a calligraphic language that illustrates the decision-making process of life. No mark made can be erased and each shape grows from the next. Just like life the work is an organic process played out in paint telling a gripping narrative in the end.

The style of the paintings combines my love of drawing and my unending search to uncover the power of emotion in line. I use a one-inch diameter calligraphy brush to paint black directly on the background of the painting, which is based on tertiary color schemes. The act of painting is exhilarating and meditative at the same time. The work requires extreme concentration, control and vision.


-------Solo Exhibitions-------
2008 Shadows of Life, Maple Avenue Gallery, Evanston, IL
2007 The World We Miss, W Chicago City Center, Chicago, IL

----Selected Group Exhibitions-----
2008 Transformation of the Everyday, Looptopia, Chicago, IL

2007 Selected Works, Maple Avenue Gallery, Evanston, IL
2007 Silent Auction, Community Center on Halstead, Chicago, IL

2002 Artist-In-Residence, University of Wisconsin Stout
(with Rebecca Zimmerman fashion designer), Menomonie, WI

2001 Impressions, Student Gallery, University of Wisconsin Stout, Menomonie, WI
2001 New Work, Acoustic Café, Menomonie, WI

1999 Millennium Show, Furlong Gallery, University of Wisconsin Stout
(with David Morgan and Aaron Marks Industrial Designers), Menomonie, WI (Six month installation questioning time and space. Attendees received temporal dislocating device upon entry and experienced seconds, minutes, and hours)

Metromix, November 2007

2002 University of Wisconsin Stout - magna cum laude, BA
Honors Program Graduate
2000 Fachhochschule Hildesheim, Germany

Artist-In-Residence University of Wisconsin Stout
International Exchange Grant for International Study
Awarded three consecutive years the Michael Maxa Art and Design Scholarship

------Private Collections------
Senator Emil Jones, Chicago, IL

------Public Collections------
University of Wisconsin Stout permanent collection
University of Wisconsin Stout Honors Program permanent collection

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